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In this video I'm gonna answer the question for you what is Shopify and why do you keep hearing about it why do you keep hearing about all these people making a ton of money off I made you know five thousand dollars in one day on Shopify and all these different crazy things that you're hearing. Achieving 10X growth in your online business can't happen, if you're not a team builder - much less when the people helping you meet your goals are uninspired. There are few things that you absolutely need to keep in mind when starting an online store These key factors will help you decide which platform is better suited for your needs.

Shopify is part of a group of turn-key eCommerce (aka hosted eCommerce”) solutions that provide everything you need from end to end (minus the product and business know-how) to set up and start selling your product(s) to the world as opposed to you putting all the pieces together yourself ( see Shopify's plans here ).

Shopify Plus is an e-commerce platform allowing brands make beautiful and flexible stores that are cost effective and reliable. But if you want advanced marketing features like eBay integration, smart product search, or a recurring billing you'll pay extra on top of Shopify's monthly fees.

In your opinion, is Shopify the best platform to start this ecomm business with, or am I better off just hiring someone to build my website from scratch? Shopify is an all in one web-based platform that allows entrepreneurs to run their own online store. Option b): Use it if you already have a WordPress site and you want to minimize costs by not having to invest any more funds in a new e-commerce platform.

The post he's pointing to, however, doesn't actually encourage readers to join Shopify — the post is emblematic of a strategy for online businesses to pad their sites with content aimed at would-be entrepreneurs who may be searching for, amongst other things, how to write a resignation letter.

It's easy to scale for small and big online stores. Stripe, the Shopify payment system, works great and I also use PayPall there so my customers can choose which way to pay. It's acceptable if you have limited products, or your shop is on the periphery of your actual business.

For customers who aren't on Shopify or don't want shopify course to switch, we're introducing Ecomm Bridge. If your catalogue is only a couple hundred products or has very few variants, Shopify is still the right choice for you. I pay $29 per month to Shopify for unlimited products.

They bring the customers in for sellers because they have name recognition and trust with consumers. The customer support team is amazing and they always care about their customers, they constantly release new tools and options. You'll be able to turn customers into contacts, orders into deals, and a new object Products will be available.

They will spend time understanding your business, help you migrate to Shopify and ensure a successful launch. Like all of these labels, product type is also helpful for you, as the store owner, to help organize and locate specific products. You have to pay a certain percentage of sales to Shopify when you sell any products.

So this is the home page a little banner if we open that up I'll show you what that looks like in a second all this very quickly I did this all very quickly obviously writing the copy takes a little bit of time and then the product page and I have all these different images and just basically repeated the same thing I have on the homepage and then there's some other stuff at the bottom you'll see another affiliate program contact best returns all very basic stuff very easy to set ups this is what the the front end looks like this is what the customers see the back end how you actually set it up is here and once again in that link where I show how I built the website I go into much more detail on this.

Love it or hate it, the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is pretty much going to affect anyone in the ecommerce world who sells internationally — in particular to the European Union — but there's a key point that many Shopify theme users overlook when it comes to compliance.

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